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World Of Anxiety and Uncertainty



When people like you,
They copy your style.
When people dislike you,
They mimic your style.
All the two sequences are bound to happen and very necessary to happen.

Africa, my Africa, the land of my birth, which am very proud of.
This land is full of wealth untapped, no human can argue on that. With our rich resources, the daily struggle to survive is hard, we are still in pain of poverty – very unfortunate.!

This land kills dreams straight from birth,
We labour in pain to gain and adapt. We despire the bright future of some of our kids, allude to the fact of bad omission at their end.

I have a dream, a dream to be successful,
Yet, the years pass by as I become more stressful. Desperate to make my dreams and ambitions comes to reality.
Death Prophecies lead our lives each and every single day.

Restricting us to develop our talents with our wives and husbands. Sometimes it even become failure as well on that score. Only God we look forward to.

We are chased like a prey and a predator,
With leaders whose heads are abroad and anus home – personal gains.

Why wouldn’t we be called ‘shit hole’ continent?
Arise, my fellow youth and let’s prove them wrong!

We can do something meaningful, Yes I mean it. We need to start operating now to cause a better change going forward. We can’t underestimate our values and ruin ourselves that low like that. Is about time – – – just about time we do something.

We are the future leaders, something meaningful needs to be operated.

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