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You’re Madly In Love With Him/her: How To Tell Them


Admitting your feelings to a crush can be difficult. It takes a lot of courage to tell someone you like them, but it can be so rewarding once you do. By choosing the right time and place and being forward, your crush may turn into your next relationship

1. Make sure you two are very close friends. You should be able to joke around with each other, have fun, and at times have serious conversations without judging the other. If this foundation isn’t there, it’s not worth the effort of making a move on him or her.

2. Use his interests. Use his interests in order to confess your feelings. You can use this simply to give yourself an opening (for example, by going rock climbing with him) or you can use it to confess in a unique way

3. Use a song : You probably don’t remember what mixtapes are, but using songs to confess feelings is still a viable option.
Find a song you know he’ll love. Ask to borrow a USB drive from him to transfer a file from a school/work computer to your personal computer. Leave the mp3 of the song on the USB, specially named so he’ll know.
Good song options include: “I Want to Hold Your Hand” by the Beatles, Frank Sinatra’s “Let’s Fall In Love”, or Daft Punk’s “Digital Love”.

4. Make him/her a present : You can make him a present to confess your feelings. Try to tailor it to your crush, and if you two were already friends try to use it to remind him of the wonderful times you’ve had together.
Paint a small wooden box with both of your initials in a heart , and fill the box with pics of the two of you hanging out, stubs from movies you saw together, or other reminders of fun things you’ve done together.

5. Flirt a bit but keep it simple. Most definitely don’t go over the top . Gradually (and by gradually, this means over several weeks), lead into more intense flirting. And make sure he doesn’t like anyone else first.

6. Lead on to the subject of your crush in a gradual manner. Try not to act shy, even if you feel it inside which you probably will. Act casually, just a simple “I like you more than a friend.” Will be okay.

7. Remember not to ask him out immediately. In the moment, you’ll want to, but don’t! This can lead to failed relationships! You have to give him time.

8. Telling Him Using Sympathy: Choose the sympathy method if you are afraid he’ll freak out and if you are very worried about it.
9. Make it as obvious as possible. Then break it to him that you have a crush on him. By this stage, you don’t have to wait any more weeks for it to have sunk in. Just wait about a day or two and ask him if he wants to be more than just friends.
10. Be generous . Once you tell him how you feel, also tell him that he doesn’t have to like you back and that you hope that this will not ruin your friendship.

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