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Youth Kick Against Tarkwa Goldfields Contract Mining


The concerned youth of Tarkwa and its environs have kicked against plans by the Goldfields Ghana Limited (GGL), Tarkwa to embark on contract mining instead of ownership mining.

According to the group, it would lead to job losses to hundreds of workers.

Addressing the media in Tarkwa, Nana Kwesi Itu, Odikro of Tarkwa Bankyim said if contract mining was the only solution to improve on operations of the mine, those pushing for the agenda should surrender their jobs for contracting as well.

Nana Itu said this was an opportunity for them to hijack the contract in the name of their own companies to enable them rake 10 per cent or more for contracts that could fall in to their bosom.

He stated that ” If we who are alive today especially the youth as well as the elders will sit down unconcern to allow a handful of unscrupulous individuals to manipulate the system for their selfish ends….”.

“The whole episode is a double-faced treachery one face towards the east eyeing the profits that could be earned through the deal to support a futuristic political ambition, and the other looking west to please the foreign owners as a loyalty card for promotional purposes”. He pointed out.

He said Tarkwa from time immemorial supplied gold to enrich the world economy and was still contributing an appreciable percentage to the Ghanaian economy.

The Tarkwa Bankyim Odikro, who is not a miner, but a friend to the concerned youth and GGL Tarkwa mine workers whose livelihood was being threatened called on the management of the mining company to maintain its ownership mining status to retain workers.

He also called on traditional rulers in Tarkwa and surrounding communities to come out boldly and speak sincerely for the workers of the mining company.

Nana Itu further asked the government to intervene as soon as possible and address the matter as the layoff would have serious impact on Tarkwa and the local economy.

Source: GNA

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