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Yvonne Nelson goes all out in search of ‘Biological Father’ again

Popular actress and movie producer Yvonne Nelson, has reminded the general public about her constant and consistent search for her biological father after many years of being unsuccessful in the approach to enable her share her achievement and progress in life with him.

In a social media post, the award-winning actress said she was still waiting for her father to call her indicating that, “Father, DAD, I’m still waiting for your call.”

This comes after she detailed in her recently released book titled “I Am Not Yvonne Nelson” about her failure to get positive results out of her desperate move for almost 4 decades.

Under one of the subtitles, “A Letter to My Father”, Yvonne wrote:

“The main reason I wrote this book is to find you. I could have gone on social media or mainstream media to announce it, but that would have left out the back-stories. No social media post or mainstream media interview could have captured my journey and struggle from the day the teacher called Eugene and me to his desk to ask if our father was the same man. That innocent instigation has helped me to establish what was not. I now want to know what is, who my father is.

“I I have carried a false identity. I now know I am not Yvonne Nelson. What I don’t know is the surname that I was to supposed to carry. Perhaps, if I had known you, it wouldn’t have been a big deal. I would never have understood anyone who goes through depression in search of her father even at a time she is self-reliant and is able to take care of others. Having endured it for close to four decades, I understand it better. That’s why I’m reaching out to you. It doesn’t matter the circumstances surrounding my birth. If you are out there, reach out to me”,

She further detailed in the book, “I am writing because I have a story to tell. I am here to be real. I am here to open up, especially to a generation of young women that needs the truth to make decisions. I am here to find the most important answer to the most nagging question about my life.

“In telling my story, I have made the hard decision not to sanitise it. I have told it in its raw form. Knowing my society and the high “moral” standard by which its women are measured, it is like taking an uninsurable risk in an already perilous endeavour. However, I want whoever looks up to me to see the whole package. I have had my low and my high moments. I have done things that I’m proud of and things”.

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