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Yvonne Nelson hints at releasing part 2 of popular memoir

Celebrity actress Yvonne Nelson, is contemplating a follow-up to her widely discussed memoir, “I Am Not Yvonne Nelson,” a year after its release sparked intense public interest.

The memoir, which delves into her personal experiences with family, love life, abortion, and her quest for identity, became a major topic of conversation for weeks. Nelson’s potential sequel aims to continue the conversation and offer further insights into the personal experiences that captivated her audience.

Thinking back on the anniversary of its release, Yvonne Nelson conveyed her appreciation for the public’s support and alluded to the prospect of revealing more of her own truth.

Taking to her X page, she posted: “The LOVE from people who get it! The hate from those who never read it! The Arguments and debates from those who aren’t as bold and the judgements from those who have dirtier secrets……. I sat back, observed and said to myself, ..our society needs more TRUTH, IT IS DROWNING IN LIES. Part 2? Let’s see.

Yvonne Nelson also emphasized the benefits of her book tour, known as “The Real Tour,” citing it as one of the most satisfying experiences she has had since the publication of her memoir.

She noted the unique moments shared with her readers and conveyed her happiness at the responses of her audience throughout these occurrences.

The actress went on to declare that she was going to start giving away free copies of her book.

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