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‘Zigzag Growth’ Won’t Help Ghana: Yamson


The plans and programmes put in place by the government are only short-term measures that do not help much, Chairman of Ishmael Yamson and Associates, Dr Ishmael Yamson, has said.

According to him, in order to deal with the unemployment problem in the country, the government must focused on long-term interventions rather the short-term measures.

Speaking at a press conference ahead of this year’s Ishmael Yamson and Associates Round Table Conference, Dr Yamson maintained that government must move away from old policies to create the needed jobs.

“What is government’s real plan for sustainable job creation? Most of them are short-term. We cannot solve the unemployment problem until, and unless we create an economy which grows at a robust rate of 8 per cent.”

“I have always said Ghana should grow consistently around 8 per cent per annum for about 6 years. This will take us out of poverty. Not this zigzag growth. Today 3 per cent, tomorrow 4 per cent. It will not do it. We need to say consistently, we will grow at say 8 per cent for a period. We must do everything possible to achieve it.”

He added: “Security is very important. All these young people in Ghana searching for jobs must be given an opportunity. They become a threat to the security if the environment is not favorable for them to create their own jobs.”

Source: ClassFMonline

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