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10 arrested for selling sex


TEN beautiful females have been arrested on suspicion that they are commercial sex workers operating in and around the town of Adanse Asokwa in the Ashanti Region.

The suspects, reported to be Nigerians, were nabbed at the Adanse Red Drinking Spot’ last Friday evening. The police, during the swoop, also apprehended four Ghanaian males, who served as agents for the suspected sex workers.

The police had gathered intelligence about their suspected commercial sex trade activities so they pounced on them and grabbed them Rambo-style when they (suspects) least expected .

The owner of Adanse Red Drinking Bar, who was at the scene, was also arrested and sent to the police station.

During interrogation, the police were told that one Diamond Tutu, a female Nigerian, brought the ladies from Nigeria.

Diamond was said to have misled the young ladies into believing that she could secure decent and profitable jobs for them in Ghana.

But after wooing the ladies to join her to Adanse Asokwa, Diamond forced them to engage in sex for cash instead.

Diamond was nowhere to be found when the police and other security agencies arrested the prostitutes.

The police are still interrogating the nabbed suspects. They would be sent to the court very soon for prosecution.

The results of a research into prostitution in Ghana completed by Dr. Matilida Pappoe, found that there has been exponential growth in prostitution in the country over the past years.
The research indicated that this growth is linked to the negative effects of macroeconomic policies aimed at economic growth, such as structural adjustment.

It said for instance, “39 of 121 sex workers studied claimed to have begun working as a prostitute after their trading businesses collapsed. Study findings suggest a high level of AIDS awareness among Ghanaian prostitutes.”

It said “ prostitutes in Ghana are considered to be either seaters or roamers. Seaters are a loosely organized group of women who tend to work from a common compound, attracting customers by sitting in the doorway of their rooms. They typically report to an older retired sex worker who settles disputes and raises credit if one of the women must pay a police fine. Seaters are largely 30-45 years old and work in industrial centers.

“Roamers, however, tend to be 20-30 years old, work in coastal towns, and are usually better educated. They move from place to place and are probably at lower risk of contracting HIV due to the higher rates they charge and the correspondingly lower number of clients they entertain. Roamers seem to have higher rates of condom use and clients who are aware of the dangers. Roamers, too, are not organized as a group and may even often be highly competitive. Their work in the isolation of hotels makes them particularly vulnerable.”

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