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10 die in bloody Obuasi Accident


RESIDENTS OF Obuasi Nhyiaeso on the main Obuasi-Dunkwa Highway, received the sad news of ten travellers losing their lives through a deadly accident involving three speeding vehicles on Monday around 10:20pm.

The deceased persons, including a driver of a Ford vehicle, lost their lives when three cars were involved in a bloody crash, which saw six people dying on the spot. Four others died at the hospital, later on.

Several other people on board the three vehicles sustained life-threatening injuries. The injured are being treated in hospitals around Obuasi.
Bodies of dead persons have been deposited in the morgue.

According to eyewitness’s reports, a heap of sand, which had been left on the highway by a certain building contractor, who is constructing a huge warehouse, caused the bloody road accident.

That claim has however not been independently verified.

They said the heap of sand had virtually blocked part of the highway so the driver of the sprinter car, with registration number GT 3910-12, which was from Bogoso to Kumasi, tried to avoid ramming his car into it.

The sprinter bus driver therefore veered his vehicle from its lane to the opposite lane but sadly the sprinter collided head-on with an oncoming Ford car, registered GE 58-13, which was travelling at top speed.

The dangerous crash resulted in the sprinter and the Ford cars becoming damaged beyond repairs.
The impact of the crash was huge so most of the passengers got trapped in the vehicles in the process.

Residents of Obuasi Nhyiaso were in the process of saving the trapped people from the cars, when suddenly an Opel Astra taxi cab, registered ER 182-W, being driven by a drunk man, also crashed into the mangled cars.

The driver of the taxi cab also sustained severe body injuries and he was rushed to the hospital for immediate treatment.

He was said to be in critical condition when the report was being filed on Tuesday afternoon.

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