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10 tips to improve productivity while working from home

Working from home is great, but it’s important to keep track of how you spend your time. It’s too easy to get distracted and lose motivation at home, ”writes Rampton. The entrepreneur and investor has worked from home for eight of the last 10 years. “I know what it is and I know that it is difficult. You can feel very lonely. But remember, you are not alone.

1. Rule 52-17

Taking breaks, Rampton writes, helps an employee increase their motivation and productivity. Most people independently set the optimal time for a break, but the author of the material draws attention to an experiment conducted by the Draguiem Group. Holding employees tried to find the perfect time to take a break.

With the help of the DeskTime productivity tracking system, the company learned how the most productive employees work. It turned out that most of them prefer to do their work in “intervals” – they devote a certain period of time to their tasks, then take a break, and then return to work. Most of the time, the most productive employees had a 52-minute working interval and 17 minutes of rest.

Rampton himself prefers to work for 30 minutes, and then take 5-7 minute breaks (close to the Pomodoro system). According to him, everyone can set the optimal working time for himself, the main thing is to comply with the conditions set for himself.

2. Bribe yourself

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“Who Said Rewards Are for Children?” – writes Rampton. He invites employees to set for themselves small rewards that they can receive only after completing a specific task. For example, have a cup of coffee or watch one episode of a series.

Waiting for a reward, the entrepreneur says, not only helps to increase motivation but can also get a person to work faster.

3. Disable social networks

In January 2013, Microsoft and Ipsos conducted a study that found that most workers believe that being able to use social media in the workplace improves their productivity. “This is certainly an interesting study, but it should not be considered as a confirmation that social networks do increase productivity,” – writes the author of the note through remote.

In fact, this study shows that the ability to quickly connect with a colleague using a messenger or social network can help increase work efficiency. And looking at photos from parties – no.

Rampton suggests defining a time in advance at which an employee can check social media. “For example, you can use the opportunity to sit on Facebook as a reward for the work done (point 2).” In addition, the entrepreneur notes, you can research special programs and services that help block access to social networks for a certain time – Cold Turkey, Saent, and so on.

4. Go in for sports

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Exercise, writes the author of the note, helps to improve mood and feel a surge of energy. If you do them during working hours, the entrepreneur says, you can increase efficiency and productivity.

Researchers at Stockholm University found that participants in one study who spent 2.5 hours of work time per week on physical activity per week performed as many tasks as those who did not exercise – and sometimes even surpassed them. productivity. Rampton believes that doing exercise is more effective not in the evenings when a person is exhausted but during working hours

5. Limit yourself

John Rampton has found that he works best when there is even little pressure on him. Most workers leave offices precisely in order to get rid of it, but even when working from home, it is worth determining for yourself at least basic restrictions, the author writes. “I work best when I have a deadline. The more time I have, the slower the work goes, and the less I do. So you have to set your own deadlines, ”he writes.

6. Work somewhere else

The investor and entrepreneur suggests leaving home from time to time and going to work somewhere else. It’s noisy and more distracting, but sometimes I can actually do more by working outside the home, ”Rampton explains the concept of remote collaboration.

As the entrepreneur notes, one of the reasons for this may be that when leaving the house, a person subconsciously sets for himself the terms of work. In addition, outside the home, Rampton does not need to do his household chores and be distracted from work problems.

7. Resist the urge to work in pajamas

When you are in pajamas, it may seem to you on a subconscious level that you are not working – this will reduce efficiency, ”says the author of the note.

Scientists at the University of Hertfordshire note that clothing often has a symbolic meaning for a person. “When we put on this or that thing, our brain” adjusts “to its purpose and behaves in accordance with it,” the researchers explain. Rampton says it’s a good idea to force yourself to get dressed every morning as if the employee were about to go to the office.

8. Determine the length of the working day in advance

According to the entrepreneur, working from home can easily become unmotivated – here you can’t chat with colleagues and don’t know when the working day will end. John Rampton recommends setting an end time in advance – or, if this is not possible, identifying an event that will herald the end of the day. The author of the note himself prefers the second option – he chooses which tasks should be done on that day and finishes the work as soon as they are completed.

9. Organize your workspace

Even if you live in an apartment of 45 square meters, you can set aside a small space dedicated only to work, explains the entrepreneur. – While in this space, do only work tasks. Make it clear to your family that it is like an office for you – while you are at your workplace, you are not available. ”

The entrepreneur notes that making a sofa as his workspace is not the best idea, since it is uncomfortable to sit on it, and the employee will have to constantly look for a more comfortable place. To organize the workplace, he writes, it is worth highlighting a comfortable chair and table.

Such a delineation of space will help the family understand when a person working from home can be distracted, and when this is not worth doing, Rampton said

10. Chat with people

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Working from home means fewer distractions but at the same time less communication. Even for introverts, a whole day alone can be a real emotional challenge, ”says the author of the note.

The entrepreneur and investor recommends that you regularly communicate with colleagues or friends. This will help you stay motivated and efficiently accomplish your tasks.



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