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‘The Comeback’ Comes Back


Roverman Productions, as part of the Ghana Theatre Festival, is returning to the stage with the talk-of-town hilarious play, The Comeback, scheduled for Sunday October 1, at the National Theatre in Accra.

The first performance would be at 3pm and it is only for students therefore the tickets are selling at GHc20 while the second show, billed for 7:30pm is selling for Ghc80.

Attending an Uncle Ebo Whyte’s play is unlike any experience in mainstream theatre in Ghana.

The Comeback premiered early this month and has since won the hearts of theater overs.

The Comeback

The production tells the story of a footballer, Jojo Ronaldo who chalks great success in his career until that fame and glory is truncated by an unexpected  injury.

Consequently, Jojo is relieved of his foreign contract and with nothing else to hold on to in Europe, he returns home to Ghana.

Jojo, though perturbed over the loss of his source of livelihood, finds comfort in his investments which he believed were secured.

Unfortunately, the supposed investment turns out to be a scam―his own brother had jilted him.

The play unfolded beautifully to end with Jojo overcoming his trails and becoming the most-talked-about footballer.

Persons who have attended uncle Ebo’s play in the past know what to expect. But if you are new to the act, here is what to look out for.

Be on time

During the last showing, the curtain rose at exactly 8:00pm. This happens whether you are seated or not.  Uncle Ebo would never ever begin his play a minute after the designated time and if you have been affected by the “Ghana man time” syndrome, you would not get value for your money.

Be abreast with music.

Many of Uncle Ebo’s plays feature musical interludes in which the characters break out into songs as part of the performance. Most of these songs are original or remixed version of well-known hits from Ghana and beyond. Aside having melodious voices, the characters are also very good dancers. The Comeback was laced with all forms of dance choreography including Salsa.

Be prepared to split your ribs in laughter

Laughter they say is a good medicine and if you have a deficiency in that, then Uncle Ebo’s play will be a fertile ground for a reload.

In The Comeback, the main character’s inability to construct a single sentence correctly in English language leaves the audience cracking up at every point. According to one of the patrons―Sandra, what really made her split her rip in laughter was when Jojo Ronaldo wanting to refer to “God as his refuge” said “God is my refugee”. “Whoever says that”, she said amidst laughter.

Wait to the end

At most, if not all of Uncle Ebo Whyte’s play, be ready to stay up to the end. Uncle Ebo is known for coming on stage to speak to his patrons after the play. When he came out to speak after The Comeback, he mimicked the main character’s hysteric English construction which sent the audience cracking again.

The main sponsors of the production, Bond Savings and Loans treated some audience to special gifts after a raffle. So, if a patron had left immediately after the curtain dropped, he or she would have missed the opportunity of a fine gift.

The October 1st production is expected to be even better and more fun.

Source: Grace A. Sogbey and Jennifer Avemee

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