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5 Signs Your Husband Possibly Cheating With Your House Girl


House girls have wrecked many marriages in the past. Many relationships have come to a sudden end because the man resorted to ‘eat the house girl’s forbidden fruit’. According to experts, determining whether your man is having an affair with the house girl can be tricky. Here are signs your husband is sleeping with your house girl.

1.  Drastic Makeover

If your house girl undergoes a drastic makeover, there are chances she is having an affair with your husband.  The changes can be attributed to the desire to make herself more attractive to him. She will improve her personal hygiene and grooming habits to please your man.

2.  Change in attitude

If his attitude towards you changes all of a sudden, then there are possibilities he is sleeping with someone else and it could be the maid. Never ignore such signs in your marriage lest you wake up when it is too late.

3.  He wants to be closer to her most of the time

Why would a man want to be closer to his house girl? Well, there is something brewing up. Take action before it is too late.

4. He keeps defending her

When the house help does anything wrong, the man is quick to defend her. The acts could mean they are dating in the background. Be careful with the changes.

5. He buys her gifts

It is not normal for a man to gift the house help. Never assume when he keeps buying her gifts. The gifts could be a sign of pleasing her for the other ‘services’ she’s been offering.

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