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5 Steps Of Communication To A Hot Girl


There is this woman giving you sleepless nights. You have been planning to approach her but you seem to lack the courage. Count yourself lucky if you are reading this. We have some points below to help you have more courage to such approaches.

1. Master the art of communication

Communication is key when it comes to dating. Revisit your books or Google to learn more about ways to communicate with someone who attracts you. Understand some of the things that make a woman happy as well as those that annoy them. By understanding these things, you will be better placed to approach her.

2. Re-examine your wardrobe

Women want to date smart men. Think about your wardrobe in order to make yourself unpredictable. There are different things you need to change in your wardrobe immediately. Ask yourself what is missing before you start dating her.

3. Change your social skills

Do you know how to relate to people? Your social skills will make it a win or loss. Women want men with amazing social skills. Learn ways to convince a woman without mincing a word.

4. Be good to the people she treasures

Treat the people she treasures with respect. If it’s her parents, respect them. If you respect the people she loves, she will also start loving you.

5. Surround yourself with great people

Birds of the same feather flock together, an old adage goes. It is hard to convince her that you are good when you are walking with people of questionable character. If it is necessary, rethink about your friendship.

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