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ABCDE to support Free SHS/Double-track


The African Business Centre for Developing Education (ABCDE) is set to roll out programmes to support the government’s Free Senior High School and Double-track systems.

The non-governmental organisation which focuses on helping the government and the business community to deliver various services to the educational sector will implement a mentorship/internship scheme and operate a practical programme to assist students in SHS, when outside the school system, with core skills development under its project dubbed the ”ABCDE Goes Practical”.

The project seeks to train students mainly in the second-cycle schools on skills such as soap and detergent making, bead and accessories making, shea butter processing, kente weaving, IT coding and photojournalism.

The objective of the programme is to solve the educational gap problem by equipping students with entrepreneurial and income-generating skills.

ABCDE, explained to that Ghana is currently running a double track system at the SHS level which implies that at any particular time about half of the students at the SHS level are in schools, while the other half are at home. The organization said basically, in any given school year, two students have to share a desk and, for those in boarding schools, a dormitory bed. They are of the view that the new system of education leaves a large category of SHS students idle at any given time. Unlike the single-track system, the new system effectively divides the entire student body into two different tracks. This means that while one track is in school, the other is on vacation.

The ABCDE organisation finds this ongoing system, notwithstanding any advantages, as also carrying the risks for all kinds of vices if alternative educational outlets are not arranged for the students who are on forced extended vacations. 

The project will take place at the ABCDE complex in Asylum down or in the facilities of relevant SHS, or on the premises of interested companies and industrial partners. It will be facilitated by trainers and skills coaches. Each month will have a different 5 day-intensive programme which includes the theoretical aspect of the skills being taught, the practical training and packaging and marketing.

ABCDE is also appealing to companies of all sizes to make their professional and managerial staff available for mentoring students in school as well as at home. The NGO also continues to seek financial assistance from philanthropists and from the corporate bodies to execute the project.


Source: classfmonline

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