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Chereponi crisis: Students cry to go home


Some students of the Chereponi Technical Senior High School have asked the authorities of the school to allow them to go home.

Some students of the School had fled the school premises following clashes in the town between the Annufuls and Konkombas which started last Friday leading to the death of three persons.

There were reports that the evacuation of Kokumba students has become necessary over the fear of reprisal attacks since the school is situated in an area mostly occupied by Anufuls.

The PRO of the Northern regional police command, DSP Mohammed Yussif Tanko, said the protest by the students is against the advice of security.

Mr Tanko explained that the District Security Council and the Ghana Education Service District Directorate had a meeting and resolved not to close down the school because there was adequate security protection.

He stated: “The school authorities were also advised to continue their normal operations because the security [agencies] were going to provide the necessary protection.”

Safety of students assured

The District Chief Executive and school authorities assured the students of their safety but some of the students have left for home for fear of their lives.

A teacher in the school said some of the students fled for fear for their safety.

“We still have a majority of them in school. Only a few of them have gone and some too are agitating to leave especially those who are not natives,” he said.

The teacher also said academic activities have been affected following the development.

“Today they were supposed to have a paper [exams] but they couldn’t write it because of the situation.”

For now, he said the school was waiting to see if the school will eventually be closed down.

“We have reported the case to the District Chief Executive so we are seeing how it will be; whether there will be a temporary close down or what measures they are going to put in place so we are waiting,” the teacher added.

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