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Aduana’s Yusif Abubakar Narrowly Escapes Attack


Aduana Stars head coach Yusif Abubakar has confirmed to Citi Sports that he narrowly escaped an attack from two fans of the club.

The gaffer was ambushed by the two men who stalked him following the end of training on May 17th, to the Central mosque where he says his prayers.

His life would have been in grave danger but for the presence of some bystanders who noticed the onrushing men who were yelling threats as they advanced on him.

He confirmed that they threatened to harm him if he did not leave the town.

They gave him a 48 hour ultimatum to vacate Dormaa-Ahenkro.

I had just dropped off my assistants and was going to prayers at the Central Mosque when I saw the two approaching me.

I parked my car and before I got down all I heard was “leave our club for us and leave this town”.

They also shouted that I had destroyed their betting slips because of our draw against Raja Casablanca.

They would have attacked me if not for the people who were beside the mosque at the time, they came to my rescue.

The club have since been notified and the two men have been picked up by the police as investigations continue.

Abubakar admitted he felt safe following the arrest of the two men and was not expecting any more attacks on him as he believes the incident was an isolated one.

Source: Citinewsroom

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