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Akufo-Addo knows when to reshuffle his ministers – Asabee


Stephen Asamoah Boateng (Asabee), a leading member of the New Patriotic party (NPP) has said it is not necessary to mount pressure on President Nana Akufo-Addo to reshuffle his Ministers and that the President knows the best time to undertake a reshuffle if there is a genuine need for it.

Asabee who recently contested for the National Chairmanship position of the NPP was speaking on Asaase Radio in response to a question that sought his thoughts on a recent statement from pro-NPP group, Alliance For Foot-soldiers Advocacy (AFFA) that appealed to President Akufo-Addo to replace some  Ministers in his Government with a sense of urgency.

Asabee explained that the call for a reshuffle is not only coming from AFFA but also from several persons within the party but a collective care ought to be taken else the pressure could lead to wrong decisions.

He explained further: “On the campaign trail, it was part of the theme on the ground. I mean a possible shakeup, a possible re-energizing the Government to get everybody to be up and running. Maybe there are some tired legs or hands and now it is being in the open.  Not just the group you mentioned but individuals are coming up. It is in order. That is part of party discussions. You cannot wish that away.

“But I would ask that people calm down a bit. I have been in Government before. I was very close to President Kufuor during our time. Sometimes people come up with this reshuffle idea. We think about it and sometimes President Kufuor would consider and say the time is not right and also maybe let me have a second look at some of our Ministers.

“By our constitution,  the President in an Executive President; he has the prerogative and we should give him the credit that at the appropriate time he would do it. I am not sure the President wants his Government to collapse. That is not his job. I mean he should pull us along and make sure the economy is running properly and whoever he can find in the party or in Ghana to help him to perform a function, he will.

“When it becomes like that is the end-game and this is all we are looking for, it may not be the answer. He has to take into account a lot of issues and also talk to a lot of people. There is a Council of Elders in this party with members who have seen it all. There are people I believe the President knows who can also suggest to him what to do now and what not to do now.

“We need to just hold back, get the party job done first, get everybody together and back the Government and let him do his thinking and his consultations. He would come around if that is the thing to do, he will. I know those who are already in his Government and some want to go and contest. They cannot go and contest while in Government. Let’s do our jobs first of rallying the party together.

“If the pressure is becoming too much, he may take a decision now which we may regret. Then people would say we advised you, we did not say do it”, Asabee told Asaase Radio.

AFFA, in the press statement signed by the Executive Secretary, D.T. Adomako, pleaded with the President to reshuffle his appointees particularly non-performing Ministers, Deputy Ministers, Metropolitan, Municipal and District Chief Executives as well as some CEOs of some state institutions to pave way for more competent and selfless hands to bring their expertise to bear on his Administration.

The AFFA statement said Ministers of state who have almost abandoned their ministerial duties to chase presidential dreams must either be forced to resign or be fired from the government.

The group said the Ministers have been tolerated for far too long, and their continuous stay in office was distracting government business, adding that it was time to show them the exit, and give opportunity to those who are ready and prepared to serve in the interest of the party and the Government.

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