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Amerado: Musicians struggling for shows

Rapper Amerado born Derrick Sarfo Kantanka, has said that he is struggling for shows in Ghana and therefore should not be disturbed by fans filling the O2 Arena.

In the past week, music lovers have been on the case of musicians in Ghana.

Their arguments have been that Nigerian young artistes are filling stadia out of their country but the same cannot be said even about big artistes in Ghana.

Reacting to this on United Showbiz on UTV, Amerado indicated that it is possible for Ghanaian artistes to fill the O2 Arena.

However, artistes in Ghana do not have the same support as their colleagues in Nigeria, so the comparison does not make sense.

To him, if the needed support is provided, it is always possible for artistes in Ghana to pull the crowd anywhere they find themselves.

“In Ghana, we are thinking of pushing one artiste out and promoting a new one. You’ll produce a hit song, and it will last for one week. The music lovers here have a problem with every artiste. They say Fameye produces funeral songs, and when Black Sherif came, they said he shouts too much. How will the artiste be motivated? We need support to be able to do some of these things. Have you checked the numbers when we organize shows in the country? A Ghanaian will rather go to a wedding or funeral than come to a show because they will give them food at the wedding and funeral.”

“We as artists are struggling, so we can’t also carry the burden of filling the O2 arena. We are not even getting shows to perform on in Ghana let alone International gigs. How many shows did I perform on in December to think of filling the O2 arena?” he said.

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