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NPP disciplinary committee chase Ken Agyapong, Adorye, and 3 Others

One of the 2024 presidential candidate hopefuls of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Kennedy Ohene Agyapong, will be appearing before the party’s Disciplinary Committee to provide responses and further details to what has been described as “accusations and threats he made against certain personalities in a video that has since gone viral on social media and mainstream media.”

The information that Kennedy Agyapong would be summoned before the Disciplinary Committee was contained in a statement issued by the Party’s General Secretary, Justin Kodua Frimpong, on Sunday August 27, 2023.

On Saturday, August 26, Kennedy Ohene Agyapong, was seen and heard in a video recording, yelling threats in public to give a “showdown” to President Akufo-Addo and Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia for allegedly chasing out a polling agent of his during the Party’s Super Delegates Conference.

Kennedy, full of rage and yelling in Twi, said: “I swear to God, President Akufo–Addo, I will give you a showdown; Vice President, I’ll give you a showdown for chasing my agent out to run into a room. You will see what happens here. Yes, I swear on God, I will challenge President Akufo-Addo anytime.”
The statement from NPP General Secretary, Justin Kodua Frimpong, said the conduct of Kennedy Agyapong, flouts Article 3(5)(A)(1)(2)(3) and (4) of the Party’s Constitution and a potential misconduct under Article 4(7).

Adorye & Co.

The statement mentioned four other Party members: Raphael Patrick Sarfo, Charles Dokyi Yaw-Addo, Musa Sulemana and Hopeson Yaovi Adorye who would also be summoned to face the Disciplinary Committee.

“The NPP remains committed to upholding democratic values, accountability, and the highest standards of conduct. We are confident that this disciplinary process will be conducted with fairness, transparency, and impartiality”, the statement added.

It also extended the Party’s appreciation to all stakeholders who contributed to the successful execution of the Special Electoral College Election.

“We commend the collaborative efforts of the Presidential Elections Committee, the Electoral Commission, the Ghana Police Service, Media partners, aspirants, delegates, supporters, and the wider general public for their unwavering dedication to the democratic process.

“We extend our congratulations to all aspirants and their supporters for their responsible conduct, following the guidelines, rules, and regulations set forth for the election. Your commitment to the democratic principles of the Party is acknowledged and celebrated.

“While the majority of voting centers experienced a smooth process, we acknowledge that isolated incidents occurred at certain locations. The leadership of the Party unequivocally condemns such incidents and emphasizes our unwavering commitment to the integrity and fairness of the election process.”

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