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Amissah-Arthur’s Aide Slams NDC Gurus, Labels them Hypocrites


An aide to the dearly departed former Vice President of the Republic, Paa Kwesi Amissah-Arthur, has slammed members and the leadership of the opposition National Democratic Congress for shedding crocodile tears following the untimely death of the deceased former Veep.

According to Lawrencia Wurah, the late former Vice President was mistreated by his party leadership to the extent that though he was seen by outsiders as the number two gentleman of the land, he was actually sidelined.

Princess Law (Lawrencia Wurah) in several posts on Facebook labeled her party leadership as hypocrites who only exhibited their ‘love and affection’ for Mr Amissah-Arthur only after he passed away. Princess captured some of these messages on her Facebook timeline;

“God is watching us all. Fear enemies within. Hypocrites!”

“Acting like they once cared. Hypocrites!”

“When he was alive you never posted any of his activities. He is gone and you are posting his images on your walls. Enemies within. Hypocrites!”

The aide to the late former Vice President could not hide her repugnance towards the display of hypocrisy by actors within the NDC and had this to say about them;

“The enemies within are more dangerous than those outside your political party. Hypocrites!”

Princess Law being an insider due to her close association with the Amissah-Arthur family seems to corroborate the rather acidulous tribute the widow of the late Vice President gave before her husband was interred at the Military Cemetery.

Mrs Matilda Amissah-Arthur could hardly believe her eyes witnessing the outpouring of emotions and sadness in the wake of her husband’s death. She mercilessly descended on the leadership of the NDC for showing their antipathy to Mr Amissah-Arthur while he was alive but are pretentiously crying to show how much they loved him.

This appears to affirm the widely shared view that though Mr Amissah-Arthur was officially the Vice President of the Republic, but in reality, Mrs Lordina Mahama was given all his responsibilities. He was virtually replaced with Lordina.

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