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An Apology of a Police Man!


Social media over the weekend was awash with a video recording in which a uniformed police officer was caught glaringly and shamelessly assaulting a middle age woman.

The offence of this woman is that she had reportedly visited the Shiashie Branch of the Midland Savings and Loans to withdraw her own money she had deposited at the facility.

It’s no doubt that the act since it broke has incensed many Ghanaians, bringing to question the calibre of persons the Service is churning out to protect the citizenry.

It is instructive to note that this case of excessive and unwarranted police brutality is not a case in insolation.

Sadly, there are many victims of police brutalities who are in stoic silence nursing their wounds because similar acts of barbarity by serving police officers had gone unpunished.

This incident comes at a time when the youth in Kumasi are up in arms with the police for killing seven of their own they had mistaken for armed robbers last week.

Months ago, Joy FMs Latiff Iddris was also brutally assaulted by a brood of irresponsible police officers who attacked this defenseless journalist.

Weeks on, the police administration is yet to bring the perpetrators of that dastardly act to book.

Clearly, there are several instances of needless police brutalities THE PUBLISHER can recount to buttress its position that these brutalities are assuming worrying proportions.

The paper is sure that these instances keep recurring because past cases had gone unpunished.

Such is the bane of the country that seeks to enlist personnel based on protocol and frustrated school drop outs who work with little or no commitment and love for humanity.

The supposed arrest of this apology of a police man following the directives of the Inspector General of Police should not end there.

There must be real prosecution that will send some signal to others in the shadow of this police officer that Ghana is a country governed by laws and not a banana State.

In as much as the police is seeking to provide service in integrity, such characters in their ranks must be flushed out!

As for the management of the Midland Saving and Loans and what must be done to them, the least said about that the better!

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