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Bawumia Stands Punished For ‘Dumsor’, Not ECG Boss

 The New Publisher reminds Vice President Mahamadu Bawumia, flag-bearer of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) the next general elections  would have HIS FACE on the ballot sheets and NOT the face of  Managing Director of the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG), Samuel Dubik Mahama.

Truth is the ECG boss, relatively has nothing to lose.

The New Publisher further reminds him that elections are barely some 8 months away and if the erratic power supply commonly referred to as ‘dumsor’, was a political campaign issue against the John Mahama led Government, the same dumsor is equally relevant now as a political campaign tool, this time against the NPP government and Dr. Bawumia for that matter.

At least the John Mahama led government admitted there was a dumsor situation and released a time table for it. Common sense would tell us all that a dumsor with a clearly detailed load shedding time table with which business owners can plan ahead, makes more sense that this type of dumsor that has no time table and the stakeholders are even denying there is a situation of erratic power supply.

Not being able to handle the situation is bad but denying there is even a situation to be handled is worse. That denial is insulting to the intelligence of Ghanaians

It is easy to talk down to the complaining electorate now and call them doom mongers. But he who feels it knows it all. Those whose businesses are collapsing as a result of this dumsor, those whose lives have become uncomfortable as a result of his dumsor, those who understand the situation and are only calling for a load shedding plan but receive back insults and name calling, certainly know what to do when they get to the polls in December this year.

The messy and dishonest approach with which government has handled the ongoing erratic power supply being mismanaged without a load shedding schedule is a betrayal of the doctrines of decency and civility, excellence and innovation being preached by Vice President Mahamadu Bawumia as his principles of leadership.

It is becoming evident that government is overwhelmed by the situation and instead of being honest about is adopting a funny public relations strategy of blaming it in a curious faulty transformers.

Ghanaians are no stranger to the ECG and when a transformer gets faulty, Ghanaians know how the response has been. Curiously, the ECG fault repairers, in most cases, do not even show up at the supposed faulty transformers   but the lights get restored anyway, for a few hours and go off again then comes on again after some 16 or so hours and the cycle continues.

No right thinking member of the public believes that excuse. These supposed faulty transformers, for which the lights go off in many areas across the country never gets repaired before the lights are restored.

Welders, hair-saloon operators, dressmakers, drinking bar operators across the country have given similar lamentations on the negative effects of this dumsor which the government is refusing to accept exists.

Even the big companies are complaining of the cost of fueling their generators and plants.

Hospitals are complaining and patients are narrating tears-drawing incidents of how dumsor has affected health care delivery yet government is denying there is dumsor for which a schedule should be announced.

The denial by the powers that be and the refusal to come out with a load shedding time table is extremely vexatious.

Sad truth is a good number of the electorate, affected by thus continuous dumsor without a time table would not forgive the government Dr. Bawumia represents and the party he belongs come the next elections.

We call on the powers that be to tackle the situation and to do so with a sense of urgency, decency and honesty.

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