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Ashaiman Assembly Members to Boycott Farmers Day over Motorbikes


In what appears to be loss of hope for not receiving their Motorbikes in the last two years, the Presiding Member for the Ashaiman Municipal Assembly (ASHMA), Benefo Dacosta, has threatened to lead assembly members to boycott this year’s Farmer’s Day celebration. The PM noted that members would, in addition, stay away from all other assembly businesses thereafter.

The angry assembly members bore their teeth last Wednesday when they staged a walk out during a General Assembly Meeting. They replicated their action the following day after which the MCE appealed to them to return to businesses with the assurance that their demands would be looked into.

Assembly members across the country have been expecting motorbikes promised them by the Local Government Ministry since November 2016 to facilitate their work, but two years on, they are yet to receive the bikes. Dacosta said they were promised receipt last August but it later turned to be a fiasco.

Some of the disgruntled Assembly members said the motorbikes they were given in 2012 have all broken down and they currently find it difficult to commute or attend to important issues in their Electoral areas due.

The Ashaiman Municipal Chief Executive, Hon. Albert Boakye Okyere who said the boycott will negatively affect the assembly’s business, entreated the assemblymen to hold their guns as the contractor, Jospon Group of Companies, has assured that the motorbikes would be in by the end of this November.

“You cannot afford to let down the people you represent because of motorbikes. If you are able to wait all this while, I do not think just a few days’ patience will cause you anything” the MCE retorted.

By: Daniel Akpaloo Nyorngmor

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