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Atebubu College: Abandoned GETFUND projects impeding learning


Two Ghana Education Trust Fund (GETFund) projects meant to ease the current accommodation challenges at the Atebubu College of Education at Atebubu in the Atebubu-Amantin District of the Bono East Region have been abandoned leading to congestion in the male dormitories.

The Atebubu College of Education was established in 1965 to provide teacher education.

Since its establishment about five decades ago, it has not seen much improvement, as some of the buildings have not received any renovation ever since.

Accommodation for tutors and the male students is one of the major challenges of the school.

These bungalows houses five families instead of two making life uncomfortable for them.

A GETFund project meant to provide accommodation for about twenty tutors has been abandoned.

A dormitory block for male students has also stalled.

The Principal of the Atebubu College of Education, Wayo Zakaria told Citi News that efforts made to get the contractors to complete the two projects have not yielded any positive results.

“The government came to our aid by trying to put up a flat for the tutors which is a GETFUND fund sponsored project and this thing has been at a standstill, in fact, the contractors have all left the job. The projects have been abandoned we have contacted the contractors and also written to GETFUND to remind them. They claim that since they have not been paid they cannot come and continue the projects. We are therefore appealing to GETFUND to do something about the situation.”

The Public Relations Officer of the Students Representative Council, Emmanuel Kante said the congestion in the male dormitory compels students to sleep outside.

“as you can see a small room we have about 15 to 16 students here. Especially in a season like this, we cannot sleep in the dormitories we have to sleep in front of the dormitories. There is an uncompleted building which was started by GETFUND which has been abandoned we are therefore urging the government to complete the building.”


Source: Citinewsroom

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