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BEWARE!!! N4 Highway Could Be Ghana’s Deadliest


Yesterday, reports were rife that angry residents set tyres ablaze, emitting billows of smoke into the hitherto serene atmosphere and making the road, originally designed for a 100km/hr speed limit, unpassable.

The residents allegedly chanted “No more deaths!” as the road recorded its 195th causality at about 4pm.

They had been protesting the lack of footbridges on the road, saying they would embark on a demonstration next week over the unavailability of footbridges on the highway.

The accident, which according to statistics, recorded 195th death on that stretch of the Highway alone this year, claimed the life of a first-year female student of the West Africa Senior High School (WASS).

She was reportedly a student on the second batch of SHS students, known as the Gold track, and had gone to register for the beginning of her academic experience at the second cycle school.

But a taxi driver rammed into the teenager, who is yet to be identified, after she had left the campus. She died on the spot and the driver reported himself to the police.

But who do we blame as the footbridges on the road still remain uncompleted, traffic lights are faulty and road signs are non-existent on the highway, making it the deadliest in Ghana?

As at press time, Officers of the Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) were on the scene to put out the fire while the police were also there to control the irate residents.

THE PUBLISHER considers the development worrying, particularly as some of the victims are school children and the aged.

One issue the paper is still grappling with is why on earth the Ministry of Roads and Highways should declare the project complete, when evidence abound that works on the footbridges are far from complete.

This is another clear case of corruption, inefficiency and negligence on our hands, and somebody must be made to pay for it.

Yes, the police yesterday managed to control the irate youth, at least for now. But it will take more than cops to stop the deaths of our teenagers on that road.

Is anybody listening?

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