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Bribery Claims Against Me Untrue – Tema Mayor


The Mayor of Tema, Felix Nii Annang Mensah-La, has denied claims that he requested a bribe from a waste management company of 10 percent of the proceeds from a contract it had bid for from the TMA.

The Mayor was heavily criticized last week when a waste management firm accused him of requesting a 10 percent cut, before signing the contract document which was supposed to pave way for the construction of a new engineering landfill site in Tema.

Reacting to these claims, the Mayor said the allegations were unfounded and untrue, as they were aimed at tarnishing his reputation.

“There were some issues on radio concerning the Mayor and the 10 percent issues and all that but they are all untrue. We are talking about the landfill site which is full, and the way forward and what to do and all that. People have come expressing interest in helping us construct a new one, but trying to scrutinize their documents have really been a problem and some of them think where they are coming from they have to get it by all means.”

“A number of reports that have been done against me, areas that I have gone to answer questions and all that, but I know what I am doing is right so I manage the situation. One of them thinks he will go to radio to tarnish the image of the Mayor, if the Mayor is refusing to sign his document, but the truth is only one so he can go”

“As we can see, the truth is gradually coming out that I didn’t request for anything except that I am only trying to follow process. “

Mr. Annang-La noted that there is an existing contract with a company to construct a similar facility, and therefore it is impossible to sign a new contract without abrogating the existing one.

“There is a company which signed 28 years agreement with the former administration, and I would have to make sure we abrogate the existing contract before allowing a new company to take over to avoid any future problems. But if some people think they are the best and that they know people within the corridors of power so they think their documents have to be signed and if the Mayor does not, meaning he has an agenda against them.”

“I promised the people of Tema that I will not go and take any percentage because of what I will get. We have come far as a people in Tema and where we are heading towards, this is not the time to think about our selfish interest. Yes, there is a contract which has not yet been signed. It has gone through Attorney General’s Department and all corrections done, awaiting approval, and then another group is telling me to forget about the existing contract and sign theirs. And when I refuse they say I have requested for 10 percent. They are all untrue and must not be taken serious.”

He said the agenda to make Tema clean is on course and would not be thwarted by any group or individuals.

Source: Citifmonline

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