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Bus Crashed Into Ditch


An Accra-bound bus from Kumasi suddenly veered from its lane into other lane, before crashing into a ditch on the roadside Saturday evening.

The incident happened right after the Oforikrom traffic light on the main Kumasi-Accra Highway on Saturday, around 5:30pm.

The bus, which was filled with passengers including women and children, was heading to the national capital. The accident happened few minutes after takeoff.

According to reports, the bus was descending a small hill when the driver seemingly lost control of the wheel.

The bus then veered into the opposite lane in a dangerous fashion, instantly causing fear and panic in the hitherto peaceful area.

Oncoming vehicles had to veer into other lanes in order to help avert a head-on collision with the bus, the paper gathered.

Reports reaching THE NEW PUBLISHER indicated that the driver could only watch haplessly as the bus bumped into the ditch nearby.

According to reports, the impact of the crash was so heavy therefore the bus got mangled, especially in the front, after the crash.

Initial reports indicated that three people, including the bus driver, had lost their lives, but it was later on debunked by officials.

Close sources, however, said the driver sustained life-threatening injuries and it would take a miracle for him to survive.

Meanwhile, police are investigating the case to determine what really led to the driver losing control of the car to cause the crash.

Other sources said they would not be surprise if break failure eventually emerges as the cause of the crash after investigations.

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