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Businessman in trouble for burying dad in car

Businessman Norbert Atodio, who has become famous following news that he was going to lay his father to rest in a Toyota Corolla as a coffin, has carried out the burial of his deceased father as he had indicated.

But he now risks being prosecuted for reportedly flouting directives of the Kassena Nankana Municipal Assembly, the Environmental Protection Agency and National Security.

Details of his crime are unknown, but sources reveal that he had earlier been advised not to bury his late father in the vehicle but refused to heed.

Mr Atodio is said to have carried out the burial stealthily in his hometown of Doba in the early hours of Saturday so that the assembly could not stop him.

But immediately after the burial, Mr Atodio went into hiding after he got the news that he would be arrested for disregarding directives of the assembly and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

According to sources, the body of Mr Atodio’s father could be exhumed if the Kassena Nankana Municipal Assembly or the EPA obtains a warrant from the court.

Using a car as a coffin has been flagged by the EPA as detrimental to the environment and must not be done. But a directive to Mr Atodio is said to have been ignored.

Mr Atodio had earlier in a video sighted by while displaying the features of the vehicle, which is white, explained that burying his father in a car is a distinct way of honoring him with whom he had had a very tight bond.



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