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Churches Should Preach More of Drug Abuse To The Youth – Prof. Asante


Peace Council Board
Chairman of the National Peace Council, Professor Emmanuel Asante, is calling on churches in the country to use their Sunday Schools to intensify education on drug abuse as part of measures to curb illicit drug abuse among the youth.

In making his point, he believe churches should stand up and preach more against the usage of drugs by the youth for in on high speed and not helping society and the country as a whole.

“We really need to educate the Sunday School children about drug abuse and its effects by moving away from Bible stories and talk about societal issues that will help build and shape the future of our children,” he said.

His call comes on the back of reports of rampant abuse of drugs among the youth and its possible impact on the future of the country.

The youth in recent times has been on high spread of the abuse of drugs especially the usage of tramadol by some session of them for what is term for sexual pleasure.

The situation, according to Prof. Asante, is becoming a concern to society hence the need to intensify drug abuse education from homes where parental responsibility is deemed strong, and then extend it to institutions like the churches.

“Government has a role to play in the fight against drug abuse and we the church leaders, traditional rulers and parents who are the main stakeholders in child upbringing also have a vital role to play as well,” he added.

Prof. Asante was livid at the current state of the social welfare and called on the government to resource them and other agencies to be fully functional to help curtail the widespread of drug abuse in the country.

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