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Competent to Lead NDC – Baba Jamal


Alhaji Baba Jamal, an Aspiring National Organizer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has expressed his competent level in politics portraying himself as the Messi when it comes to the NDC and National politics.

In an interview on 4th September, 2018 on the morning show of 3FM, Mr. Jamal indicated that he has been in the system for close to 2 decades. According to him, he started as a students’ leader since 1993.

‘From a students’ leader, I entered national politics and in the NDC I started from branch as a secretary and went to constituency as an executive member. I went to the regional as the Deputy Regional secretary. So I’m among those few guys who are able to travel from the grass root to the top and also I have contested from 2000 up to 2016. As a person I’ve had the opportunity to serve in all four Arms of Government with the media inclusive’ Mr. Jamal added.

He stated that he has been a Deputy Minister for 8 years under the executive, a member of parliament for 4 years under the legislature, a lawyer by profession therefore part of the judiciary and speaking on Television as well as Radio since 1996 hence part of the media.

Hon. Jamal stated that one of the things that has affected him as a politician and made him emotional is the lie said of him that “When Government buys sheep they should say it’s a cow”. He explained that he never said that and has always defended it but people refuse to listen.

sAccording to him the lie affected him as a Muslim as well since it is a sin to be unfaithful in Islam. He said for political reasons, people would continue to have interest in that but he has gotten over it and wouldn’t waste any more time defending it.

Alhaji Baba Jamal exclaimed the incompetence on the part of the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

‘The NPP government is messing up and has already given us a free kick as well as a penalty. They have failed in One District one Dam, One constituency one billion and are the worst corrupt government we are in today. They have messed up with the free Senior High Education since they wanted to do it now. Instead of continuing the rest to make sure we have adequate facilities, they have now taken us back to a shift system’ he said.

According to Mr. Jamal, the NDC proposed the Free Senior High Education but wanted to do it gradually by creating more schools and classrooms.

He expressed his shame to the NPP government, saying that in 1 year, six ministers have had to eat back their words and apologize to the nation for their actions.

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