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Coping with Loss: Bereavement and Grief Parents


Bereavement is one of the hardest aspects of life to deal with, especially if it’s your own child. It’s quite possibly the worst situation a parent can experience and it can feel impossible to pull yourself back up to a level of consciousness that feels normal. It’s not uncommon for things and feelings to start building up, feelings such as anxiety, depression, and stress.

Despite feeling as though it’s impossible to shake these feelings, it’s something that every parent in this situation must do. To give you a helping hand, here is a list of some of the best stress relievers and tips you can practice anytime, anywhere, allowing you to keep a level head and increase your chances of feeling normal again.

Eat healthily

One of the best things you can do at a time like this is to eat healthily. It can be difficult to stay on track, missing trips to the shop or simply neglecting mealtimes, opting for something quick and usually unhealthy. Unfortunately, however low you feel, you must eat well.

By eating a healthy diet and by cooking healthy food, you help to maintain your previous routine whilst fuelling your body with goodness and nutrients it needs, to think rationally and positively.

Take three deep breaths

After this event has occurred, you may be faced with a seriously difficult and challenging decision. Even the most normal and average situations may feel overwhelming when it comes to deciding what to do.

To ensure you’re making the best, stress-free choice, always take three of the deepest breaths you possibly can before making up your mind. This will ensure you’re giving yourself time to think about it, making sure the decision is the best one for you, says Jenna Morris, a writer at WriteMyX.

Positive attitude

Although this may seem impossible, it’s one of the most important things you can do. Always looking towards the bright side is vital to a healthy mental and physical recovery.

Take note of the little things in your life that feel you with joy, whether it’s seeing another member of the family, friends, a favorite television show or even how nice the weather is outside.

Record your feelings

One of the best ways to release any pent-up emotions inside you is to write them down on paper.

You don’t have to go all out and write a diary every day, just write when you’re thinking about something or having a thought or feeling you want to express or explore, suggests Tim Jason, a blogger from 1Day2Write.

This is a lot harder than you may first think, especially since you’re writing about yourself.


A tried and tested method to relieve stress and relax over the last couple of thousands of years is meditation.

It is ideal for practicing any time of day, whenever you need a break from everyday life to just sit back and relax for a couple of minutes.

You can simply sit somewhere you enjoy, in your chair with your eyes closed or you can even download an app to following a guided meditation, allowing you to breathe and your mind to stay clear.


Hand in hand with the point above, yoga is also a fantastic way to relieve stress and ease your mind. The most effective way for this practice to work is by setting aside ten minutes a day, if that, to complete a bit of light exercise that can relax your brain, your body and can set you up for a day full of positive thinking.

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