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Life Chronicles: Take, Experience And Other Unpleasant Ones


Life undoubtedly is hard for those who were born with no golden spoon in their mouth but to Atwei, Efua and Larbi, they faced worse. These three lived in separate worlds but faced hardship. Atwei was a young lady with a promising future in the field of medicine. Studying medicine has been her childhood dream but unfortunately for her, she was poor in mathematics.

She tried her possible best but her best was not enough. Her weakness showed when the WASSCE results were released. She had excellent grades in all other subjects except mathematics in which she had D7. Initially she was heartbroken but her parents motivated her to learn extra hard for the NOVDEC which she had earlier on registered for.

She learnt day and night in preparation for it. The day finally came and she sat for the paper. At a sight of the questions, her heart skipped a beat. Fear gripped her heart. It was as though the questions were taken from a book which was alien to the continent. For forty-five minute, she sat down without appending the pen on the answer sheet until an invigilator came by and encouraged her to do what she can. She heeded to the advice and started work.

After a while the bell was rung for work to stop. Within her, she knew she didn’t write much but a voice within her kept telling her to be hopeful in what she wrote. Days, weeks and months passed. Atwei was eagerly waiting for the results to be released. Finally it was. She went to check and this time she had E8. Atwei at this point was shuttered.

She felt all hopes were lost. She showed the results slips to her parents. They weren’t happy about it but they didn’t allow it to show on their faces. They advised her to be strong for there would be many chances for her to better her grades. She was sad but was motivated by the words of her parents.

For seven consecutive NOVDEC examination, she constantly had D7. She couldn’t take this anymore so she finally decided to go commit suicide. In the absence of her parents, she set out to complete her mission. Efua was also in a dilemma. She had unfortunately contracted HIV/AIDS after she was raped by a gang of four.

This unfortunate event took place one evening when she was returning from lectures. She had boarded a taxi home. Half way through the journey the driver stopped for other passengers to board. The lady was reluctant but her soft heart wouldn’t be happy to leave those people standing there at that time of the night. As soon as they sat in, one with a handkerchief, covered the face and nose of Efua.

She immediately fell deeply asleep. The four strong men raped her. To further worsen the case, they took videos of the escapade. Efua regained consciousness only to find out what had happened to her. She picked herself up whiles crying her heart out. She couldn’t believe she had to lose her virginity under such a circumstance.

She wondered whom to talk to. She wished she could speak out but couldn’t because of the shame that she’ll have to go through. A Good Samaritan came by and gave her a lift back home. To be on the safer side health wise, she visited a hospital where she had series of tests. She was asked to go home and return after two days for the result. The day came for her to go check on the result of the test. As soon as he was about leaving her mother’s call came through but she didn’t answer.

This followed by a call from her father, sister and brothers. She got worried but thought it wasn’t all that urgent. She left for the hospital immediately. In the cab, she decided to go online and check what was going on in the world. As soon as her data was switched on, she started getting so many notifications so she wondered what the problem might be.

She opened one of the tags and to her outmost surprise, it was a sex tape of her and the four men. She yelled out in pain and anguish. Right about that time, the doctor who had conducted the test called to inform her that she had an urgent meeting which he couldn’t miss. So she broke the news to her that after thorough search, it came out that she was HIV/AIDS. This was the last straw that broke the camel’s back. She also set out on a mission to commit suicide.

Larbi on the other hand has been unemployed for so many years after graduating from the university with first class upper. With such excellence, many had tipped him for greatness in all aspects of life but nature had its own plans. From office to office, he trekked.

The more he applied, the more he was rejected. It got so worse that the family started giving him attitude. They made life uncomfortable for him. His food was reduced drastically. The least thing he did was criticized negatively and rudely. One morning he woke up in high spirit. He had a great feeling that should incase he apply for a job he would get it. So he had his bath, took in breakfast and stepped out to haunt for a job.

He took the letter to one magnificent edifice. In there, he waited for his turn to see the CEO. He was called in few minutes later. The sight of the CEO brought tears to his eyes. He dropped the letter and every other document he held. The CEO was his year mate back in the University, He graduated with a third class.

Under many circumstances, the one at a higher position encourages the former but in the case of Larbi, the CEO laughed and teased him very much. He called his employees to come witness what was happening. Larbi was degraded in the worse way possible thus he walked off feeling disappointed in himself. His only resort now was to commit suicide since the world has refused him no matter how many times he tried to fit in.

As though nature had planned, the three of them chose to commit suicide at the same place. Atwei was the first to get there. Immediately Efua and Larbi arrived, they saw Atwei who was about jumping off the cliff. Larbi run as fast as he could and managed to hold Atwei’s hand therefore stopping her from jumping.

He was angry at her and started insulting her for wanting to take her life. Efua stepped in and pushed Larbi back. She further asked Atwei why she has decided to take her life. Atwei narrated her ordeal with them whiles she shed tears. Larbi and Efua sighed said: “I’m also here to kill myself”.

Simultaneously as though they were controlled. These three strangers narrated their individual stories to each other. After sharing their problems they took turns and advised each other. In the course of their conversation, they realized that they could find alternate solutions to solve the problems that they faced.

Larbi who was very brilliant assured Atwei that he would teach her for one year after which she would take the examination again. He gave her assurance and she accepted. Atwei on the other hand had a solution for Efua. Her father was a high ranking member in the police service.

She assured Efua that her father has the expertise to clean all the videos from the internet and better still trace the source of the video which will help bring the perpetrators to book. Atwei was somehow relieved justice will prevail. Efua decided to make Larbi her business partner. They were all happy at the end of the day for they had hope reinstalled in their lives. They went back home and lived happily ever after!

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