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Counterfeit Ghs200 Notes Hit Market

A Social Media user and former employee of Media General by name Komla Adom has shared pictures of fake Ghs200 Cedi notes warning the public to be cautious.

According to him, the notes were used for a transaction successfully at a shop of his relative and by the time they could verify, the suspected counterfeiter had left.

He therefore urged the public to be cautious.


I just came here to remind someone to check and double check these notes when they are given to you

Na somebody take do we yayaaaaaaya this morning in my father’s wife’s shop!

By the time they brought it to me for evaluation it was too late

Be like we throw away GHC 200 shishiiiishi

P.S: check for the gold shimmy in the gye nyame symbol (ensure you can see the shimmy however you tilt the currency note)

Also the gold band at the back of the note which runs from top to bottom, ensure you can visibly see it….and when tilted you can see other symbols in it

The TETTEH quarshie head nu dier (the printed it on the paper for the fake note.

Instead of seeing it when viewed against light, on the fake not you can see it like they stamped it on the note

The TETTEH quarshie head looks to the right in the correct note

The head looks to the left in the fake note.

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