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Damaged Road Sparks Anger


RESIDENTS OF Abrepo, near Kumasi, in the Ashanti Region, are brimming with rage, following the erosion of a newly-constructed road in the area.

Residents of the town said they woke up on Monday to the gory spectacle of the damaged road after a short rainfall.

Nearly half of the asphalted road had caved in as if there was an earthquake, and the destruction was so massive that residents say a better part of the double lane road had collapsed.

Following the development, road users have been compelled to use the single lane, which also looked weak.

This has caused a heavy vehicular traffic in the area. Some of the residents, who spoke to the paper, were angry because according to them the road had lasted for just a few months.

Their fear is that, if authorities fail to act as soon as possible, the other lane could also cave in, and cut them off from the rest of the region.

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