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Decision Making in Marriage; Five Bad Influences


Mr. Culture

We don’t care where culture is coming from or how long culture has been in existence all we know issue that it is not allowed in our marriage. Yes we live by culture in certain areas of our lives, areas such as food, clothes, manner of approach and dealing with members of the society. Yes we respect and value culture so we kneel and prostate to greet elderly but nope I don’t kneel to greet or serve my husband food. We hug and kiss for good mornings and that is fine by us. So even if Mr. Culture is visiting us from outside he shouldn’t come into our house and tell us culturally that’s not how instead or its done because we will throw him out.

Mrs. Tradition

We don’t care what traditions our ancestors practiced we are creating ours and that’s just okay for us. Don’t come in our house to say according to tradition a woman shouldn’t call her husband by name or she shouldn’t look directly at the husband when she speaks with him. Don’t come and tell us how traditionally it is disrespect to eat in same plate or at the same time as the husband. We will throw you out. You can practice it in your own house. But in ours we eat from same plate and when I am tired of the food is eat my meat, we don’t wait for husband to eat meat first. It’s all balderdash to us. It makes no sense to us.

Uncle Religion

Yes we love God, we serve him diligently but we’ll rather follow Christ’s direct instructions and not what certain prophet thought his people. Don’t call your head baby call him king. When exactly did Christ say that? Feed him 3 pieces of meat and you eat 1. Buy special plate and cup, where is installed written again? Husband and wife relationship is not that if partners but of master and servant. When exactly did Christ tell them this? We’re quick to remind ourselves that we are now in the New Testament when we sin but when it comes to women and marriage we’re fast to open Old Testament for her just so we can subjugate her. Even the bible says 7 women shall hold on to 1 man so it’s okay if men cheat. You’re on your own.

Aunty Society

These ones won’t just mind their business. They keep asking you what people will say if you don’t differently. People will talk meanwhile they are the talkers. They keep peddling rumors of how the man is quiet and the woman is shamelessly misbehaving and asking her husband to wash clothes. As if you live with them in the house and you have seen her ordering the man to wash clothes. They have a problem minding their own business and are giving you unreasonable advice on how you should have a son to secure your position. So no we don’t run our marine based on societal norms.

Chief Custodians of how it should be

These set of people are like marriage police. They help society to remind you that things should be done this way and this way alone. If you don’t they blacklist you and use you to create subs and shake table. They tell you to come and pack your sub silently. They use you as the scapegoat of their articles on social media to make themselves look like the right husband/wife material simply because they conform to societal standards.

“Some women will be looking at their husband carrying his plate to kitchen by himself” na wa o. You should treat him like a king. Thank you ma we’ve seen you.

“Some men will be behaving like woman wrapper, as if they are afraid of their wives, you will be telling your wife before you give your Bros and family money.” Na wa o. Behave like are king that you’re.

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