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‘Defiled’ 3-Yr Old Girl at Risk of Long-Term Trauma – Doctor


Dr. Joseph Darko, the Physician who examined the three-year-old girl alleged to have been sexually violated in a swimming pool at Tarkwa in the Western Region, is worried about the potential trauma the girl could grow up with.

Speaking on Eyewitness News, Dr. Darko said, “the implications of such an action will probably not be felt now. Apart from the pain the little girl went through, she probably will also [suffer] the long-term effects of what has happened.”

He said she may “associate the fears of what she had with her surroundings, probably fear of men and water and all that. She might grow up being an introvert because of what has happened,”  thus, he suggested some psychiatric help for the girl.

“I spoke with the mother. I told her the child will need some form of assessment and so on to prevent the future implications.”

Dr. Darko also said it was clear that, per his assessment, her injuries sustained in her genital area were “as a result of some form of assault. They were not natural bruises that she had there.”

An Indian national was picked up as the prime suspect in this sexual assault.

It all started when two Indian nationals swimming in the pool asked to teach the children how to swim.

The mother of the children initially hesitated, but she agreed after the strangers convinced her that learning to swim early was the best way.

While the Indians were with the girl, the mother was filming the process with her smartphone.

‘Little girl cries’

In between the session, the woman noticed her daughter was crying, but she misinterpreted it as a reaction to the fear of being in the pool.

Unaware to her, the Indian, was sexually abusing her, and the cries, were cries for help.

One of the Indians held the 3-year-old girl closely to his chest with his right hand while inserting a left finger into the little girl’s vagina.

The doctor who conducted medical examinations on the 3-year-old girl said her genitals were bruised.

“She had sores around her genitals, around the vagina and the hymen had sores around it,” the doctor said.

‘Police case’

The victim’s mother suspects attempts by the police to cover up the matter.  She returned to the Tarkwa Police after an initial report to them with the medical report.

She also hired a private detective to help track down the Indian molester who she had captured in a video on her phone.

Her attempts to get the Tarkwa Police to follow up on the issue proved futile, forcing her to fall on the Nsuta Police to effect his arrest.

Her confidence in the police began to shrink after their suspicious conduct with the bosses of the Indian suspect.

‘Out of court settlement’

According to the woman, who spoke to Citi News’ Caleb Kudah, in the course of pursuing the matter, the Indian suspect sought an out of court settlement, but soon changed his mind, saying he was ready to face the court.

‘Don’t jail him’

To further hurt her heart, the mother lamented how the police prosecutor impressed on the judge that presided over the matter in court to fine the suspect rather than to jail him.

She said she was forced to bitterly watch the police negotiate the compensation from an initial GHS8,400 suggested by the judge, to GHS4,200.

‘Seeking justice’

The victims mother is seeking justice for her 3-year-old daughter whose genitals have been bruised by an Indian national and betrayed by law enforcement body in her own country to sell her daughter’s rights for GHS4,200.

Source: Citifmonline

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