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Doctors Can’t Fix Chopped Wrist of Girl, 16


The 16-year old girl, Josephine Ampabeng, whose left wrist was completely chopped off from the rest of her hand, may have to live the rest of her life without her left wrist as doctors have concluded it cannot be fixed back!

According to the doctors, Josephine was brought to the hospital rather late and without her cut off wrist. By the time the wrist was brought, it was even more late and the cells and veins in the cut off wrist were already dead and impossible to be worked on.

Indeed, the victim’s father has also confirmed that  after the hand was cut off and she started to bleed and yell for help in a state of agonized semi-consciousness, the persons present carried her and rushed her to the nearest hospital but left the cut off wrist on the farm.

It was when they got to the hospital that they realized they had left the wrist, therefore they had to travel back to the farm and form a search team to look for the wrist.

It took quite some time before they found it on the floor, picked it, dusted it  and traveled back  with it to the hospital

The young lady’s left wrist was severed by her by a young man, who was suspected to be her boy lover, after they  had a fight over a pair of flip-flop slippers, popularly known as ‘Chalewate’ in the local parlance.

Kwadwo Sakyi, father of the victim, has disclosed that Josephine was rushed to the hospital earlier without the amputated left wrist.

According to him, those who rushed Josephine to the hospital were initially only interested in saving the life of the young girl, who was bleeding profusely.

He said it was when they arrived at the hospital that they realised that Josephine’s left wrist had been left in the farm. They therefore had to travel back to the farm to search for the wrist. .

Unfortunately, the poor father said when the wrist was eventually brought to the hospital, it was dead and so medical doctors could not fix it back as expected.

The incident occurred in a farm at Komfuor Nkwanta, near Obuasi, where Josephine and her friends had visited to cook food to eat some few days ago.

Meanwhile, THE PUBLISHER has gathered that the boy who cut Josephine’s left wrist had been arrested and arraigned in a court at Obuasi.


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