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Entering A Season of Accidents & Deaths

For inexplicable reasons, pre-Christmas seasons in Ghana have been characterized by a multiplicity of fatal vehicular accidents mostly caused by avoidable human errors.

THE PUBLISHER would want to be preemptive in reminding road users, drivers and pedestrians alike, to be extra cautious in this season as we all go about our daily search for bread and butter.

While we call on drivers to exercise responsibility and be cautiously defensive behind the wheels, we also call on passengers to be bold in cautioning drivers when they show the slightest signs of recklessness.

Too many lives have been lost through road accidents. Too many persons have been physically deformed as a result of road accidents and too many persons have to live with scars for the rest of their lives as a result of road accidents.

Sadly, passengers and occupants of moving vehicles have mostly been passive observers when drivers of the vehicles they occupy drive reckless or in a way that endangers their lives.

It is suicidal for a passenger to remain mute when they are fully aware that their drivers are endangering their lives.

The human life does not have spare copy for replacement. Once it is destroyed, that’s it. As for the cars, most of them have been insured and can be replaced. It is for this reason that we must all speak out loudly when we see drivers engage passengers in a Macabre dance on our roads.

In many instances, survivors of such road crashes have narrated with regret how they tolerated the drivers that engaged in all sorts of irresponsible, dangerous and reckless road irregularities only for them to end in an accident.

It is heart breaking for a spouse or child or parent to leave home in search of daily bread only to be brought back as a corpse in a body bag or coffin.

We also call on the Motor Transport and Traffic Unit of the Ghana Police Service, the unit responsible for road safety, to up its game especially in this pre-Christmas season.

We understand their challenges and frustrations. We appreciate their efforts toils and sacrifices. But we still call on them to continue to do more to save our souls.

As for the National Road Safety Commission, and how the Commission has handled the issues of road safety over the years, we would prefer to save our breath to cool our porridge.








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