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Kwabenya Musuko Chiefs Fight Gov’t Over Lands

Chiefs and people of the Kwabenya Musuku traditional area in the Greater Accra region have vowed to reclaim all lands illegally acquired by Government and individuals.

The Queen Mother of Kwabenya, Naa Korkoi Dugbatey II who made the vow also promised to stop all land guards who terrorize residents and natives in the area.

The Queen mother disclosed this during a coronation of 54 year old Nii Abbey Okanfra Sikanku III as the New Chief for the Kwabenya Musuku traditional area after the death of the Chief some 12 years ago.

“Those who have been selling our lands, a property our forefathers left for us, we must reclaim them. If our forefathers acquired and left the land for us why should people illegally assumed ownership, we will fight for it. Government has constructed schools and hospitals without paying money and they don’t even allow us to cut a sod, we ought to fight government for it’’ she lamented.

She expressed delight at the coronation of a new Chief for the area which has been without a Chief for the past 25 years and hoped the new Chief will help in bringing development to the area.

“I have been a queen for 25 years but we have installed a new chief called Nii Abbey Okanfra Sikanku III, the two of us will now rule Kwabenya. We have installed Kwabenya Musuko Queen mother, Chief, Dzaasehene,  Kontihene

“Now I am confident there will be a number of changes and development, we have been cheated far too long, people have wrongly claimed our lands without paying any amount, I have been struggling over this alone and now that I have a ‘husband’, collectively we will reclaim all lands illegally acquired by governments and individuals’’ she said.

Naa Korkoi Dugbatey II charged the residents and natives of Kwabenya to invest on their wards education.

The newly installed Kwabenya Chief Nii Abbey Okanfra Sikanku III entreated the natives and residents to cooperate with them to bring development to their doorsteps.

The installation of Nii Abbey Okanfra Sikanku the 3rd coincided with the final funeral rites of the late Nii Abbey Okanfra Sikanku II and seventy (70) other Nananom of Nii Odai Ntow and Nii Abbey Family who joined their ancestors many years ago.

Nii Abbey Okanfra Sikanku III known in private life as Joseph Odenkey Abbey was born in 1963 and is a National Fire Service Officer and currently Chief Inspector SO1.

Source: Christian Kpesese/ thePublisher 

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