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Fake Military Man Arrested

A 35-year-old native of Bawku, Issah Mubarak has been arrested by police in Tamale for working as a military officer.

The culprit was arrested on Tuesday after he visited the police station to make a report on his stolen bike.

According to sources, the police became suspicious of him after he exhibited unusual behaviour at the precinct.

The police recounted that on October 16, Issah appeared in a military outfit to hand over a man he claimed to have stolen his bike to the police.

He told police investigators he was a soldier with the 6BN in Tamale and went ahead to write same in his complainant statement to police.

He was invited again on Monday after police investigations where he was arrested. He admitted that he was not a soldier and that the military accoutrement belonged to his late grandfather.

A search conducted in his room at Dungu found a stash of fake military, law enforcement and medical paraphernalia, a weapon, certificates with some bearing the name of his late grandfather.

A pair of military trouser, 2 military pullovers, 2 vests, combat boot, cup, gloves and a rubber stamp bearing the name of Forces Pay Regiment was also confiscated by the police.

Mubarak is in custody and could face up to 15 years behind bars if convicted.

The Tamale Metropolitan police commander, Sup.  Dinam Zuiko who addressed the media over arrest said the investigation is in its early stages and that Mubarak could be charged with additional counts pending results of the probe.

Police added he had told them he worked at Barclays Bank but was sacked for an undisclosed reason.

He had earlier dragged the suspect who he claims stole his motorbike to a Chief’s Palace but the chief directed him to the Police.

During questioning, the fake soldier admitted that he had fabricated most of the credentials and items the police seized.

The police advised the general public, especially the youth to desist from holding themselves as security personnel.

 Source: The Publisher

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