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Feminists are Useless – DKB

Ghanaian Comedian Derek Kobina Boney aka DKB has described feminists as having a Janus-faced attitude when dealing with gender based issues.

According to him, “feminists are quiet when a woman does something bad, they become deaf. Imagine it was a guy suffering from bipolar who reveals the list of women he has slept with.”

He made this statement in a one-on-one interview with Kwame Agyetia on Neat FM’s “Entertainment Ghana” Show when discussing the Nana Abena Korkor Addo sex scandal.

“I’m getting to a point where I don’t know the use of feminists. I think they are becoming more reactive than proactive,” he said.

“Feminists who are in Accra, Kumasi, cape Coast are wasting their time. Their purpose is useless because nobody discriminates against women in Accra, Kumasi Cape Coast. If you say you are a feminist, I should be able to see you in Paga, Napandu, Tatale going to fight for the 12-year-old,” he added.

Citing the infamous Nana Abena Korkor Addo’s ‘sex hit list’, DKB said he was expecting feminists in Ghana to openly condemn Abena Korkor for ‘man shaming’ the men on her list.

“When the Abena Korkor issue came out, I was really expecting them to come out because Abena Korkor did man shaming. She shamed men who slept with her by revealing their names”

In explaining how Abena’s actions could be consequential, he said, “Imagine Abena Korkor posts, DKB was exceptional, his long journey always drives me crazy. DKB is the best, I love DKB, his langalanga is very long. Do you know what will happen to my career? My life will change”

Watch the interview below:

Source: Jennifer Avemee/ thePublisher

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