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Only foolish Ghanaians condemn me for being wealthy – Rev Obofour


The Founder and Leader of Anointed Palace Church (APC) Rev Obofour born Kwaku Agyei Antwi has angrily lashed out some Ghanaians who believe his riches are not blessings from God. 

To him, only fools will condemn him for making money in order to leave a full of happiness as a man of God adding that, he does not milk innocent people using the name of God.

“Some people will say I (Rev Obofour) am not from God and my wealth is also not from God. Tell them they are fools. I don’t understand why some people especially Pastors think God cannot make someone rich in this world. It is not by force to be poor as a man of God. I wonder why some people believe only pastors and prophets who are poor are from God. Why do you have to hate me because I’m a pastor and I have money?” Rev Obofour angrily said.

“Some of us know how to make money and we don’t care about what people will say about us. You can choose to be poor as a man of God, we don’t have time to talk about you but if you waste your time to talk about us for making money then you are a fool.”

He added, “Tell yourself you can make it in life and make your family proud. Some people knew Ash Town, Krofrom, Denkyemso and other places as areas of criminals but let people know you as a rich guy from these areas. Forget about what people will say about you”.

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