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From Ola Michael Comes ‘The Prince Of Afrobeat’


Many young Ghanaian musicians in today’s entertainment and show business have difficulty in finding their niche and strengths in their musical journey.

It is probably the reason most of the songs being churned out by young Ghanaian musicians sound very similar, and are unable to impact the higher age brackets, unlike their Nigerian counterparts, who have done a lot to catch the attention of both the old and young across the globe.

As a matter of fact, the secret of the successes of the Nigerian music market has to do with their ability to sample rhythms across the continent.

Fella Kuti, for example, had a lot of inspiration from the Ghanaian high Life; an inspiration that led him to invite some Ghanaian musicians to play his songs and help him compose.

He (Fella) originated the Afrobeat rhythm by combining various highlife styles across Africa, especially Ghana, and Jazz, plus a little bit of Pop musics. This made his genre to grow over the years, and also made Nigerian music very popular a across the world.

Today a new son of the land (Ghana) is gradually taking back what Fella took from us decades ago. Right from his first song; GLOW, and then GUY MAN, and later YESSA MASSA, the afrobeat tunes from JOOJO ADDISON are unique and many in the industry see him as currently the real deal in the Afrobeat genre on the continent.

With a huge talent display, which has caught the admiration of the likes of entertainment critic, Michael Kwaku Ola, it is not surprising that Joojo Addison’s latest banger, REMEDY, is already making waves.

Michael Kwaku Ola, when asked recently why he had opted to manage JOOJO, said; “I have seen a lot of musicians and talents. I have been approached by many talents, but all I was looking out for was Uniqueness.

Unique talents are rare in the music industry and Joojo is one of such rare talents. This is why I had no choice than to take up the management job to push this young precocious talent.”

REMEDY is now on Replay on most radio stations. The video for the song is now on YouTube and other channels.

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