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Fulanis beg for protection


THE FULANI community in the country has appealed to government to help provide them adequate security at all times so they can go about their lawful duties in peace.

Alhaji Musah Bari, the Leader of the Fulani Community in Ghana, lamented that security issues concerning Fulani people seemed not to be the priority of the security agencies.

According to him, it was about time that the security agencies shown active interest in matters concerning the security of the Fulani people, who are scattered across the country.

“The Fulani life matters just as the life of the Asante, the Dagomba or any other tribe also matters”, Alhaji Bari stated emphatically on Akoma FM in Kumasi on Tuesday morning.

He openly lamented that some people with Fulani extraction have been killed unjustifiably by some faceless people, especially in the northern part of the country, in recent times.

“A certain Fulani man was killed by some faceless people at Sawla on Sunday without any provocation”, he said, adding that “I am currently in Sawla in connection of the death”.

Alhaji Bari, who sounded peeved, also added “We have also lost some Fulani people over brutal and unexplained murders in the north and this should be a concern of security agencies.

According to him, the erroneous impression in the country, suggesting that Fulani people are violent should cease with delay, stressing that the “Fulani people are peaceful and law abiding”.

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