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GFA’s Dead to FIFA – Godfred Dame


A Deputy Attorney General, Godfred Dame says the Federation of International Football Association (FIFA) is unhappy with the current state of the Ghana Football Association.

According to him, the Federation does not recognise the current football association. “FIFA itself does not recognise the current FA administration… is very important to note that the invitation for the meeting was extended by FIFA and initially they said they were going to meet the FA. That’s the General Secretary and another person first and then government of Ghana delegation”

He was responding to comments made by a former GFA spokesperson Randy Abbey an Accra based Joy FM’s FM’s Newsfile programme on Saturday, that government erred in its attempt to dissolve the FA.

Although Mr Abbey commended the government for the initial steps it took to reorganise Ghana football after the Number 12 debacle, he said the final decision by the government to dissolve the FA is a wrong step taken.

But Mr Dame said the move was in the right direction. He added that the three-man FIFI delegation sent to Ghana to help fix Ghana football did not even bother to have the embattled FA members take part in their meeting with government because it did not want to get involve with the FA.

“On arrival in Ghana they decided that, that was a wrong idea….they did not want to legitimise this FA administration….yes, they didn’t meet the GFA delegation at all. FIFA recognises that it (GFA) is not able to run football administration in Ghana and it is quite clear”.

In reaction, Mr Abbey said the FIFA’s delegation to Ghana did not have the right to say they do not recognise the FA, “First of all, let me tell you something the delegation that comet o Ghana does not have the right to even determine whether they recognise a Ghana football association or not. There are processes under FIFA law. If you want to revoke a membership or decide not to recognise the FA there is a process.”

He added that it was not stated in the joint statement issued by the government of Ghana and the FIFA delegation that they did not recognise the GFA.

Meanwhile, Mr. Abbey said “I am against the liquidation of the GFA…..I support the GFA’s response” which is to resist an attempt by the government to dissolve the FA.

He said the GFA as a collective entity cannot be blamed for corruption but there are individuals within the FA who are corrupt and who must be dealt with.

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