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Ghana, other Africa countries sign as foundation members of SATA

Ghana, Zimbabwe, Gabon, Tunisia, and Guinea have signed as Foundation members of Smart Africa Trust Alliance (SATA) Declaration to improve the uptake and reach of public digital services, private sector integration and national digital platforms patronage across the Africa continent.

Ghana’s Minister of Communications and Digitalization, Hon. Ursula Owusu-Ekuful in her opening remarks praised the Director General/CEO of Smart Africa, Lacina Koné, for his leadership in achieving the pivotal step towards African integration and unity.

“On behalf of our Alliance, I wish to salute the peace-loving people of Zimbabwe and congratulate Smart Africa and its Director General/CEO, Lacina Koné, for the courage and leadership in achieving this foundational step towards our integration and unity”.

She added, “Looking ahead, I find it encouraging that Smart Africa strengthened its three strategic pillars, CONNECT, INNOVATE and TRANSFORM, in the new Smart Africa Triennial Strategy 2023-2025. SATA being included in the TRANSFORM pillar is a testimonial of the quality of this strategy.

“I call on all parties to respect the commitments they are about to make on the SATA principles and to respect them in good faith for the benefit of all African citizens. You can rely on the full support and solidarity of the Republic of Ghana in this important endeavour. By working together, I have seen and believe going forward, we can continue to unlock the incredible economic growth and opportunities that we have seen thus far to the benefit of Africa and the entire world”.

About SATA

The Smart Africa Trust Alliance (SATA) is a collaborative initiative aimed at fostering trust and promoting secure and responsible digital transformation in Africa.

The alliance brings together various stakeholders, including governments, private sector organizations, civil society, and academia, to collectively address the challenges and opportunities associated with digitalization and innovation on the African continent.

SATA is a coordination and operations mechanism to enable cross-border use of digital identities and data for boosting trade and services in Africa.

SATA aims to develop and implement standards, platforms, and solutions to accelerate the realization of Africa’s single digital market with “trust”.

SATA will also enable interoperability with Europe and other regions of the world. SATA is fully aligned with Digital Public Goods (DPG) principles and contributes to reaching the five-year objectives (2021-26) of the DPG Alliance.

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