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Ghana Standard Authority approves Tebi Graphiato

The Ghana Standards Authority (GSA) has approved Tebi Graphiato – a textured paint used for both interior and exterior wall for its protection from cracks, fungus, among others.

“Hereinafter called the Licensee the right and licence to use the registered Certification Mark of the Authority set out in the second column of the Schedule hereto upon and in respect of the goods set out in the third column of the said Schedule which are produced by the Licensee in accordance with the appropriate Ghana Standards referred to in the fourth column of the said Schedule as from time to time amended.

“The licence is granted subject to the Ghana Standards (Certification Mark) Rules, 1970 (L.I. 662) as amended in respect of the Mark and to any undertakings into which the Licensee has been required to enter with the Authority prior to the grant of the licence and it shall be binding upon the Licensee duly to observed and perform all the said Rules and Undertakings” a certificate signed on behalf on the Authority reads.

The GSA approval comes at the back of several tests conducted on the product for almost a year.

What Tebi Graphiato Stands for

Tebi Graphiato is a synthetic render finish, which can be applied straight to most fair face surface such as concrete, plaster both interior and exterior. It is an already mixed coating composed of high quality exterior durable styrene acrylic co-polymer emulsion and weather resistant pigment with special graded silica granules with its unique engraved plaster and a superb finish two (2) in one (1).

It is formulated with special type of fungicides and algaecides reduces efflorescence resisting alkaline hydrolysis and tropical fungus, algae and mold growth both on the surface and under the surface.

It provides superior performance for all painting projects. It’s an excellent choice for both residential and commercial projects where long term durability is needed. It prevents fungus, wall cracks and it’s washable. Tebi Graphiato uses high quality raw materials to ensure its complete satisfaction.


Large amount of people who purchased Tebi Graphiato over the period have openly declared the product as the best when it comes to protecting one’s building.

The product which was introduced few months ago, the customers describe as quality, efficient, and highly affordable.

Speaking to The New Publisher in Accra, a customer who said the product was introduced to him by a family friend said it has added beauty, and has made the attractive nature of his building superb.

According to him, he was earlier relying on an insufficient product which made his building pathetic and lackadaisical.

“Tebi Graphiato has changed the beauty of my building. It is a good product. I knew about it a month ago, earlier, I doubted its quality based on past experiences but this family friend convinced me, I finally gave a try and it has been the best for me so far. It has protected my building, and also has made the attractive nature comes higher.”

Another customer who also spoke to the paper added, “Tebi Graphiato is the best product I have seen. It has made my building beautiful. One funny thing is I didn’t spend much on it. It is affordable as well. The good finishing and protection of every building is always the best, and Tebi Graphiato into the market is the best product meant for such duty, to enable the property last for long without damage.”

New addition

New introduced paints added are namely Tebi Acrylic and Tebi Putty Filler.

The new addition which falls under the business name Tebi SK Trading comes after earlier product – Tebi Graphiato, both for interior and exterior wall for its protection from cracks, fungus, among others was highly patronized and accepted by large number of the Ghanaian populace.

Speaking to the paper, Mr. Tebi said his new products has some high quality and comes in a high spearheaded format than the usual ones sold by other people.

“Tebi Putty Filler is used before painting to make the wall smooth and make the surface much harder, and it helps to get rid of any uneven surface. It also helps in filling the tiny space and gaps in the wall so that the painting product can be applied evenly and gives a dilating look to the wall.

“Tebi Emulsion paints are less toxic than oil-based paints and have less volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and also cause fewer problems such as skin irritations. It is non-inflammable and hence safe for your health. It doesn’t dry, crack or fade in the sunlight” he added.

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