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Two Ghanaian Citizens, Mohammed Bashiru and Seth Tagoe, have filed suite against Ghana water company and the Public Utilities Regulatory Commission at an Accra High Court .

The plaintiff is claiming for a declaration that a careful consideration of the project operations and impact on the contract of desalinating sea water for consumption is not in the best interest of the Ghanaian  taxpayer and must therefore be annulled.

The plaintiff  is also claiming an order that Ghana water should completely discontinue all contacts with the inimical project.

The plaintiff according to a statement of claim said in 2011 Ghana water sponsored the creation of a desalination company called Befesa Desalination Development Ghana to turn sea water into portable water in an expensive process called desalination. The plaintiff said all factors considered the contract is not in the best interest of Ghanaian taxpayer at large and the targeting consuming public in particular.

The plaintiff said the cost of producing sea water turned normal water is twice the average cost of producing water from the rivers and beholes

According to the statement of claim also when they are in operation ,they consume over seven hundred thousand dollars worth of energy per month ,and when the company is not in operation, the machines cost one million four hundred thousand dollars a month.

The plaintiff also noted that  residents of Teshie and its environs where the desalinated water would be supplied to also kicked against the project, with claims that the water will not be good for their consumption.

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