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Ghanaians Don’t Bleach As Compared To Nigerians – Lepacious Bose


A popular Nigerian comedy star Lepacious Bose has shared her thoughts about how she feels about Ghana and her people. The comedienne made her thoughts known during an interview at the 2018 Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards.

During the interview, Lepacious Bose expressed that she loves the Ghanaian lifestyle. She noted that she loves Ghanaians because they are real and they don’t bleach their skins to become fair.

According to her, back home in Nigeria she usually gets confused. She explained that she is a lot more free because everyone has the same skin colour as herself in Ghana.

She said compared to Nigeria, most Ghanaians love their dark complexion.

“I think I love the Ghanaian lifestyle. I love the people. I also love the fact that most Ghanaians are real, the average Ghanaian is real and they don’t bleach so when I am in Ghana I feel at home, we are all black together, in Nigeria, ‘I feel like where am I’?” she said.

Lepacious Bose, who seems to have a rich knowledge of Ghanaian delicacies, revealed that her cook was Ghanaian hence her love for Ghanaian dishes.

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