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Gov’t sued over Atewa deal


A Rocha Ghana, has called on the the Attorney-General, Gloria Akuffo, to advise government against the intended plan to mine bauxite in the Atewa Forest.

According to the non-governmental organisation on environmental protection, “mining of bauxite in the Atewa Range Forest violates the right to life and dignity as enshrined under articles 13 and 1`5 of the Constitution of Ghana (1992).”

A charge sheet sighted by showed notice of civil action filed by the group seeking to stop government from allowing the Atewa forest reserve to be mined for bauxite.

It will also be seeking an “order compelling government and its agents to take the necessary steps to protect Atewa Forest in accordance with its constitutional obligations as contained under article 36(9) of the Constitution (1992). An order, restraining the government of Ghana, its assigns and agents, servants, workmen, allottees and guarantees whatsoever and howsoever described from undertaking mining and its related activities in the Atewa Range Forest.”

“We, being good citizens, support government’s quest to develop Ghana and, as part of such efforts, to raise funds through various endeavours including exploiting the country’s resources. However, it is the case that Ghana does not need to exploit the Atewa Forest bauxite reserves since there are far richer bauxite reserves, according to information available to the government and to the entire Ghanaian populace.

“Also, considering the critical importance of the Atewa Forest Range to Ghana’s water supply system, biodiversity and natural climate change adaptation, it would be best not to exploit the Atewa Range Forest”, the statement further revealed.

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