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Gov’t To Partner Religious Bodies For Shared Growth


The government will welcome any form of partnership with religious organisations aimed at impacting lives, says the Vice President.

Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia told a gathering of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission at Baghe-e-Ahmad (Pomadze) on Thursday, January 4, 2018 that the 2018 budget has made provision for Faith-Based Organisations to support government in different sectors of the economy.

Speaking at the 86th annual national convention of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission, Dr Bawumia acknowledged the government alone cannot spearhead development and transformation, but requires the collective effort of others.

“Government has already indicated her determination to partner religious organizations in Ghana for shared growth. As mentioned in the 2018 budget presented to Parliament, Government intends to partner Faith-Based Organizations (FBOs) not only to deliver critical social services in education, health and water, but also to support provision of skills and entrepreneurial training for the youth and the establishment of commercial enterprises,” Dr. Bawumia recalled.

He has therefore extended “a hand of invitation to all present here today and our Muslim Ummah, to see ourselves as stakeholders in the prosperity of Ghana, and let us all unite and work tirelessly to achieve a prosperous Ghana.”

Dr. Bawumia averred religious organisations have a crucial role to play in bringing up an upright society.

“I deem it a privilege once again to be participating as the guest of honour at this 86th Annual National Convention under the theme: “Ensuring a Disciplined Society: The Role of Religion.” The importance of the theme cannot be over-emphasised. Generally, it is accepted that discipline is the regime of training the mind or body to control behaviour in ways that positively serve society.

“This coaching is done at the various strata of society. It begins from the lowest stratum at the home, the family, community, formal education sector, mosques, and churches, among others,” he noted.

Dr. Bawumia continued: “Religious bodies have a mandate to provide training that is capable to transform society and the individual. Without this guidance, the human being, in his physical state, has the tendency towards unacceptable behaviours.

“Religion is supposed to regulate man’s behaviour in such a way that mankind is guided through reason and understanding. This, brings a person’s physical state under control in an orderly and proper manner.

“There is no doubt that majority of Ghanaians belong to one religion or the other. However, the role of religion in shaping and moulding the moral character of citizens has lately been questioned in terms of deliverables.

“The question is whether religion has been successful in moulding society towards acceptable behaviours characterized by high levels of integrity and honesty or the converse. Many believe that religion has somehow failed in sterilising the society due to the prevalence of high levels of corruption, stealing of public and private funds through inflation of contracts, under-invoicing and over-invoicing, tax avoidance and tax evasion, among others.

“The greatest remedy to all of these vices is the continuous inculcation of discipline into the moral fabric of the Ghanaian people and I challenge religious bodies to do more in this direction.”

Source: Starrfmonline

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